News: July 3, 2015

Summer is Here. Mr. Chris will be bringing his musical vibes to a variety of places this month. He will be hopping over to the Brampton Mini Skool on July 8th, to Todays Child on July 15 and 16th, to TLC Daycare on the 20th, to the City Of Ajax of July 22nd, Scarborough YMCA on the 24th, to West Prep Childrens Centre on July 30th and Derrydown YMCA on the 31st. We are currently finishing up our 3rd album A Space Bubbles Odyssey, and remember you can download all of our music for free by clicking on the music tab. Sending love vibrations to you all.

News: June 5, 2015

Mr. Chris will be bringing his musical vibrations to many centres this month. The only show that is open to the public will be the Listowel Teddy Bear Picnic on June 20, which is free for families of all ages to attend. On June 11th he will be at Halton Childcare, on June 12th Fun to Learn Montessori, on June 13th at Western Daycare, on June 19th Kinderbuddies, Peekaboo Childcare on June 23rd and Little Beginnings on June 24th.

News: May 9, 2015

Mr. Chris and the Gassy Bubbles are in the process of finishing up their 3rd studio album. A Space Bubbles Odyssey will be released to the world at the end of July, 2015. Stay tuned for the Bubbles summer 2015 upcoming shows.

News: April 6, 2015

There are 3 FREE shows for you to join Mr. Chris & his puppets over the next few weeks. On April 18th, Mr. Chris will be providing arts and crafts, as well as fun music for the Alvinston OEYC for their Spring Party. Then the following week, on Saturday April 25th, Mr. Chris will be bringing his sunny vibes to the Niagara Region to perform for A Childs World, Family CCS of Niagara. On May 3rd, Mr. Chris will be bopping with the kiddies at The Family Centre in Kitchener. Hope to see you there.

News: February 16, 2015

The Bubbles new vibe has arrived. Hokey Pokey the music video is ready for you to enjoy. You can check it out at Hokey Pokey Video Mr. Chris will be performing this month for the Boys and Girls Club of Kawartha Lakes for Anti Bullying Day on the 25th. Stay tuned for our upcoming show list. In the meantime, keep on spreading your love vibes upon planet earth. LOVE

News: January 8, 2015

Mr Chris is currently showcased on the Cambridge Library website. You can check it out at Mr. Chris Showcase Mr. Chris will be performing at the Cambridge Library on January 27 at 11am, as well as the Toronto Public Library, Maria A. Shchuka Branch for Family Literacy Day on January 24 at 10am. Hope you can make it. Sending sunny vibes your way

News: November 26, 2014

Foo Foo is Here. We have just released our 3rd music video. The video is for the song Little Bunny Foo Foo which is off our album Bubble Love Radio. To watch the video, just click on the link Bunny Foo Foo Video We will be posting our upcoming schedule soon. And always remember, all the bubbles music can be downloaded for FREE by clicking the music tab above. Sending the groovy vibrations your way, LOVE.

News: October 23, 2014

Mr. Chris had a blast at the Aboriginal Ontario Early Years Centre in Toronto on October 21st. In November, if you are near Sarnia Ontario, Mr. Chris will be performing his childrens tunes and facilitating arts and crafts on the 22nd 10am, at the Lambton Kent Middlesex Early Years centre for the National Child Day event. Keep your eyes open for the Bubbles new video for Little Bunny Foo Foo which the band hopes to release sometime in November. And remember, you can download all of our music for FREE by clicking the Music tab above. Sending Sunshine your way

News: September 5, 2014

Are you ready for the new vibration from the Bubbles?! Visit the Bubbles on YouTube to check out their new video for the song Stella Ella Ola. Just click inside the bracket to see the video (Click hereHere ). The song will be available off this website in late September. Sending sunny gassy bubble vibes your way!

News: August 30, 2014

Join Mr. Chris for 2 FREE shows in September. Mr. Chris will be performing at the Growing Up Healthy event in Kitchener on Sunday September 14 and at Our Place, in Kitchener on September 27!

News: August 4, 2014

Join the Bubbles this month at the Brantford Library on August 9th at 2pm and at the Dunnville Fair on August 17th at 11am

News: July 15, 2014

Apples & Bananas the music video is here! Visit the Bubbles on YouTube to take a peek. Just click inside the bracket to see the video (Click hereHere ). Its the first single off of Bubble Love Radio. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

News: February 20, 2014

Bubble Love Radio is here!!! You can either download Bubble Love Radio for FREE, or if you'd like, you can pay what you want for it. Just click on the 'Music' tab, and choose which album you would like to download. Once you have chosen an album to download, you will have to download each track separately, one at a time. We hope you enjoy the direction we're taking children's music!! Sending sunshine your way, Mr. C & the G-Bubs

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